Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last Week in Pictures and Captions

Last Wednesday, we attended a Member's Only Picnic at the local zoo. My mom was kind enough to buy our family an annual membership, and it is the only "club" we're members of in our new home, as well as our first bonafide invitation of any kind since moving. So, of course we went. Here are the Joy girls right before leaving.

Annabella had the pleasure of her first pony ride. Here she is astride Peanut, a little Palomino gelding. In the interest of discretion, I will only elaborate on the funny-kid-story involved if you request me to by e-mail. (It's worth it.)

Bella the chimp, and Bella the Tiger.

Penelope and Mama looking at some animal or other.... Oryx, I think.

On Saturday we attended the annual Danish Festival in Greenville, Michigan. Queen Annabella made a crown and got a balloon-sceptre.

The products of our various gardens that Belle so happily harvested.

The beans are straight from the garden--haven't even been washed.

And finally, Annabella proudly holding our little growing machine, Penelope, who, as of yesterday, had gained 2 lb. in the last month to weigh in at 12 lb. and 6 oz.-- 95th percentile in height (23 and 3/4 ''), weight, and head circumference. That little brain is growing! She continues to be a precious, cooperative baby as she tries to roll over by herself and communicate. She loves to play and hear fun songs.


Brenda said...

Thanks for being such an interesting and faithful "blogger"!
Please fill me in on the interesting horse story...
I love you!~

Ashley said...

Ah, Sue! Thanks for letting me know about your new blog! Your girls are just so amazingly beautiful. Wow. You are a very lucky mama, as I am sure you know. ;) I can't wait to meet little Penny!

I didn't know you were moving! I know I didn't ever see you enough when you were in SC, but now I'm sad that my chances will be fewer. I can tell that you are all doing well though, which is great. I will be sure to drop by regularly to get my cute fix and catch up. Love you guys!