Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Milestones All Around

Greetings from Joyland. And now a recap of the weeks' top news.

Penelope has been attempting to roll over by herself since we were in Canada. You may remember that I said she did it for the first time. I suppose this isn't entirely true. She was able to do it alone, but she would get stuck on the arm she was trying to go over. Well, today when she was doing her thing, I got the feeling it might be "the time." And sure enough, it was!

And that's not all Penelope has been up to. She's also cut her first tooth. (Yes, incase you were thinking it's a bit early, three months is early.) So, here's Mommy, hoping that she doesn't prematurely take up biting as well.

In other news, my sweet husband has taken his place among other performers, where he's wanted to be for a while. That's right, Jake is now the lead singer for a local classic rock cover band. He'll be rehersing on Thursday nights, doing weekend gigs, and I'm sure the outlet will be nothing but good for him. Now I just need to find a babysitter so I can go hear him sing...

We've decided that Annabella is going to start a little bit of HomePreSchooling. So I've bought a bunch of school supplies which excite her very much, and I'm still settling on exactly what this will consist of curricularly. I have been thinking that the little lady needs to be memorizing Scripture, so whatever else it entails, there will be some of that....and so much more, no doubt.

As for Mommy, I suppose it was inevitable, but I've reached my pre-preggy weight, so that's exciting for me at least. And Jake too, I suppose. Me, because I fit into all my clothes. And Jake because we don't have to buy me new ones.

Stay tuned for some yummy pictures! (of the girls, that is)


JenLo said...

That's awesome news about Jake's band! Wish I were closer to babysit for you (and to enjoy the music too!)