Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nine Months

Nine months ago, this morning, Blessed Births Family Wellness and Birth Center:

This evening, before bed:

Our little Joyful Bundle is doing so many fun things! She's just started to REALLY crawl, and is maneuvering through the whole house, even attempting to stand up. She says "Mama" and "Dada," and she LOVES to play with her big sister. (Play rough, even, which is a problem for Mama.) Though she's still nursing, she has an excellent appetite for solid food, particularly enjoying green beans, oatmeal and fruits. The only time she seems to be impatient is if I make the mistake of putting her in her highchair before I'm ready to put a spoon in her mouth. Then there will usually be some squealing and impatient yells... as she gets a bit older, I suppose we'll have to deal with that. :) Her sense of humor is adorable--she loves being silly, especially hanging upside down--and her little laugh is contagious. She will diligently and patiently work with things in her hands, and physically, she's quite strong. She weighs 19 lbs. right now, and her hair is getting to a strange point where I'm having to pull it back all the time in the front. Her favorite activities include playing Mommy's piano, getting a bath, emptying baskets (laundry, toys, anything in a basket), disassembling items and doing anything that includes Annabella. Penelope Mae Joy has brought immeasurable joy into our family; we continue to delight in her every day.


Renee said...

sweet pea. Before I know it we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday.

JenLo said...

Can you even believe how much difference nine months makes! I am always astounded when I think back--it is unbelievable that my little 10 year old independent, almost big kids were infants 10 years ago!

Brenda said...

Sweet Penelope also brings ME immeasurable joy and delight !
As does her big sister :)
Love, Nana

bethany said...

is it me or does penelope look exactly like jake?