Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection Day


Break the box and shed the nard;
Stop not now to count the cost;
Hither bring pearl, opal, sard;
Reck not what the poor have lost;
Upon Christ throw all away:
Know ye, this is Easter Day.

Build His church and deck His shrine;
Empty though it be on earth;
Ye have kept your choicest wine--
Let if flow for heavenly mirth;
Pluck the harp and breathe the horn:
Know ye not 'tis Easter morn?

Gather gladness from the skies;
Take a lesson from the ground;
Flowers do ope their heavenward eyes
And a Spring-time joy have found;
Earth throws Winter's robes away,
Decks herself for Easter Day.
Beauty now for ashes wear,
Perfumes for the garb of woe.
Chaplets for dishevelled hair,
Dances for sad footsteps slow;
Open wide your hearts that they
Let in joy this Easter Day.

Seeks God's house in happy throng;
Crowded let His table be;
Mingle praises, prayer and song,
Singing to the Trinity.
Henceforth let your souls alway
Make each morn an Easter Day.

--Gerard Manley Hopkins


JenLo said...

What an adorable pair...although Penny looks like she wants to be doing some of that cruising instead of posing ;)

bethany said...

is it me or does annabella look more and more like you and sarah everyday?

the swineharts said...

wow, your girls are absolutly beautiful!!!!!! Have you decided what you are going to do for school??!!

Jesse, Jess, & Corban said...

Sue! I just saw that you had a blog off of Jess and Garr's blog- your girls are sooooooooooo beautiful!! I can't believe how much they look like you! How are you doing? We're well. Check out our blog sometime. It'd be great to keep in touch- love ya!