Monday, June 2, 2008

A Year Ago Today

Penelope Mae Joy came into our lives in earnest at 1:02 a.m. after a short, intense labor from which I emerged energized. My sister didn't make it to the birthing center in time to see the delivery, even though that had been our plan and there was only a 90 minute drive for her from Charlotte, NC to Greenville, SC. When I arrived, my midwife alluded to the fact that the baby was imminent, and I was irritated because I thought she was getting my hopes up prematurely... but when she asked if I wanted her to "check" me (ie: my dilation progress), I was "complete" (birthing-speak for the whole banana--"you've done the hard part, now push, sister!"--a VERY rewarding thing to hear). It was, by comparison, a very easy delivery, and it was only an introduction to the joyful ease with which this beautiful daughter would fit into and fill our family.

I remember after my mom and sis had left the center and the midwife, my tired husband and beautiful baby had all fallen asleep with the fatigue of the hour, I lay awake for at least an hour, the praise bubbling inside of me, so overwhelmed by the gift of this child. The thought was too wonderful for me. I couldn't stop thanking God for the perfect little person nestled up next to me, breathing softly, so peacefully ours.

We got up and cleared out of the center by mid morning. Penelope was nursing well, and considering, I felt great. We went home, to my mom's, and were greeted with balloons and oodles of pink gifts...we shared a meal...

Which brings me to today. The gifts and the meal, that is. Because today, that tiny baby is a walking, talking, growing little person, and it's hard to believe. I was honestly having a hard time with it all until today came; I'm finding it much harder to watch my baby achieve milestones, because this time around, I have a sense of how fleeting it will indeed be. I didn't know with my first one. And when I say walking, let me state for the record, that this little girl has a great sense of timing (future comedienne, possibly?): she saved her first steps, her first real walking, for today.

Enjoy a brief overview of our darling's first year...

Moments old; not even cleaned up yet:

Week One--sleeping with Mama:

One Month--with Daddy at new home:

Two Months-- Northern Michigan vacation:

Three Months--napping at the park:

Four Months--last warm day at the lake for '07:

Five Months--baby cow:

Six Months--Christmas morning, crown and all:

Seven Months--out in the cold:

Eight Months--enjoying a bath:

Nine Months-- Easter:

Ten Months--the beginning of spring:

Eleven Months--big enough to REALLY love the park:

And finally, First Birthday-- celebration picnic:

We love you, Precious Penny Joy! Happy Birthday!


Brenda said...

What a beautiful photo journal of such an amazing little person...I am so blessed!
I love you, Penelope Mae Joy ! ~Nan

Joy said...

Wow! I would have never imagined where we both are in life! It is so crazy to think at one time we were careless teenagers roaming Chambers Camp with no cares in the world...God is so good and it is so great to see how He is blessing you and your family.


Charlotte Eagles Soccer Club Brazil Tour 2007 said...

i love my littlest niece!!!

Jesse, Jess, & Corban said...

Hey girl! Loved your comment- no, not unfair at all- I am the same way- always checking friends' blogs and wondering, "Why don't they update?! I want to know what they're up to!" as I fail to add anything new to my own blog;) Oh, how I LOVED, LOVED reading this entry! Penny is sooooooooo beautiful! I had to tear up as I read it:) I am looking forward to being pregnant again (no, I'm not announcing anything!) and going through the whole process again- I'm sure I'll feel the same way with our second one as far as milestones go. They just do everything so fast at this age and we'll never get these moments back so we need to enjoy them!! I love that I can have Corban by my side all the time- it is precious! Love ya:)