Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night, while sitting on the potty right before bed:

P: "Mommy, you got any cookies?"

Me: "No, baby."

P: "... You got any posipos?" (popsicles)

Me: "No."

P: "You got canny?" (candy)

Me: {chuckling} "No."

P: "You got any.....gum?" {sligh grin}

Me: "No, sweetie."

P: "Mommy.... I dust teasing you. I dust teasing you, Mommy."

...Can't believe she'll be two in two weeks.


JenLo said...

Oh my word--that brings tears to my eyes it is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

My precious little grandaughter !

Renee said...

Love her and can't believe how sweet she is!