Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hawk Island

In the middle of downtown Lansing is a lovely, super family-friendly park: Hawk Island. It has a swimming beach on a man-made lake, paved jogging/walking paths, a huge wooden playground, canoe and paddleboat rentals, and the "Splash Pad," pictured below. It was 90 degrees today, so when we arrived, the place was hopping. Annabella had a fabulous time cooling off and finding little playmates (fabulous time, that is, until I told her it was time to go...we're still working on saying, "Mommy--I don't want to leave, but I will obey" instead of wailing), and Penelope defended her title as Easiest Baby to Take Out in Public (EBTTOIP). Despite the uncomfortable heat.

EBTTIOP's clothes were removed one by one until I ran out of removeable items and decided to leave. And, upon our return home, thunder started to roll. This was only slightly reminiscent of the tornado we reacted to last Friday... When Renee was on her way here from NY, and she was literally 10 minutes down the road, sirens went off all through town. A tornado touched down a few times about 3 miles from our house. Annabella, Penelope and I went to the basement to hide out and listen to the weather alert radio. Jake was at Target. I tried the best I could not to alarm the girls, but about the time that I heard the weather-alert guy say to hide under a workbench in your basement, and started making a palette for the girls, Annabella got scared and told me that she really just wanted to go be with Jesus.

She referred to the tornado, by the way, as "The Twister," as "Dorthory" does in the Wizard of Oz, historically, her favorite film. Since Friday, she's spoken of the twister often, and twisters have been making their way into the majority of her drawings.

Is it just me, or does Penelope make faces that look just like her Papa? I've never seen a child who could furrow her brow like my husband. If she were not my child and I saw her in public, I would wonder if she were related to Jake.

Just a few extras:

"Mommy, bow down to the queens."~ A. Joy

Penelope's new BUMBO chair.

A rather unconventional napping spot.