Monday, September 24, 2007

The Sweetest Sound

As I was walking up the stairs last night with clean PJ's for the girls, I heard giggles coming from one of the bedrooms. I stopped and listened for a moment, recognized Belle's voice, and was surprised to hear another hearty giggle echoing from the room. And I realized. It was Penelope! She and her sister were in stitches laughing as Annabella was doing a very silly bounce-onto-the bed-floppily sort of trick (something her mother would not have allowed to take place, but the girls were under the watchful eye of their father who is much more indulgent of such behavior). I had heard Penelope sort of hum a little laugh once or twice, but this was a fit of hilarious laughter. For the first time in her life. And it was something I could never have elicited from her. Apparently, at least as of this week, only her three year old sister has that gift. There they were, reveling in each other's company and silliness. Together. It took my breath away the way Jake's phone calls would when I was in the throws of falling in love, and I prayed the girls would always bring each other happiness and laughter in their companionship and play, that they would only try to bring joy to each other, and that they'd have the gift that I've been so blessed by--a sister that is a best friend.
I do hope to hear the melodies and harmonies of that laughter echoing off the walls of this house again. It was the sweetest music.
He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy.
JOB 8:21


Anonymous said...

I love hearing this moving episode...and remembering how this was was for YOU and SARAH!!!! I love you!!!!!!!

Carole said...

Hey. Just wanted to reply to your comment on my blog - As funny/odd/stereotypical 'fundamentalist christian' as it sounds, I, too, have felt so happy to have a baby always on my hip. This third time around it has felt even more normal than before - as though to be without a baby would be stranger than to have a 4th or a 5th ...
:) But for now we'll take them one at a time and enjoy them for who they are.
Time does fly, though, doesn't it?
Okay. Enough rambling. Have a good night!